Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA)

Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA)

SLEO® polyvinyl alcohol powder, also known as SLEO® PVA, is white stable non-toxic water-soluble macro-molecular synthetic polymer, which is made from vinyl acetate through the polymerization and alcoholysis and quickly dissolves in water to form a stable colloid. It is effective in film forming, and is resistant to grease, oils, wear. And it has good stability, insulation, adhesive quality, and functions as gas barrier.

– various construction mortar;

– dry powder render/putty;

– tile adhesives;

– gypsum based plaster binder;

– suitable for wall, ceiling finishes and tile fittings

Chemical Properties
SLEO® PVA can be regarded as a linear macro-molecular polymer with a secondary hydroxyl group. The hydroxyl group in the molecular of the PVA powder has high activity and can carry out typical chemical reactions of low alcohols, such as esterification, etherification, acetalization, etc., and can also react with a variety of inorganic or organic compounds.

Physical Properties
Performance: odorless and tasteless white flowing powder
Solubility: an alcoholy-soluble PVA powder that dissolves in room temperature water.
Thermal Stability: SLEO® PVA softens when heated, and does not change significantly below 40℃. It will gradually color when heated for a long time at 160 ℃, and decomposes when it is above 220 ℃ to form water, acetic acid, acetaldehyde and crotonaldehyde.
Chemical Resistance: it is almost unaffected by weak acids, weak alkalis or organic solvents and has high oil resistance
Storage Stability: it is a low-viscosity polymer, whose water solubility is stable at room temperature and does not deteriorate during storage.
Film Formation: due to the high adhesion between the PVA powder molecules, the film is easily formed. And the formed film is colorless and transparent, has good mechanical strength, and has a smooth surface without stickiness and good solvent resistance. It has good light transmission, high moisture permeability, good printability with no electricity or no dust.

Model No. SL-PVA2488 SL-PVA1788
Appearance white powder white powder
Hydrolysis (mol %) 86.0-90.0 86.0-90.0
Viscosity (mPa’s) 45.0-54.9 20.0-34.9
Purity (%) ≥93.5 ≥93.5
Volatile Matter (%) ≤5.0 ≤5.0
pH Value 5.0-7.0 5.0-7.0
Particle Size (mesh) 80 80

SLEO® PVA powders are are available in 25 KG paper plastic composite bags.

SLEO® PVA powders should be stored in its original packaging in a cool dry place with temperature below 30℃

It is recommended to use SLEO® PVA powders within six months. If not caked under prolonged storage, they can still be usable.

The unused PVA powders have to be sealed to avoid moisture in contact with air.

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