Redispersible Polymer Powder (RDP/VAE)

Redispersible Polymer Powder (RDP/VAE)

SLEO® redispersible polymer powders are manufactured by spray drying macromolecular copolymer dispersions under carefully defined conditions. They are mainly used to improve cohesion, adhesion and flexibility in constructions especially in drymix mortar.


– Tile adhesives

– Wall putty /Skim coat

– External insulation and finish systems (EIFS)

– Cement-based plasters

– Self-leveling compounds

– Tile grouts

– Crack fillers

– Masonry mortars

– Repair mortars

Technical Data & Recommended Applications

Model No. SL-RD5012 Similar to VINNAPAS® 5010 N SL-RD5014 Similar to VINNAPAS® 8034 H
Appearance flowing white powder flowing white powder
Particle size (mesh) 80 80
Bulk density ( kg/m³) 490-590 400-550
Solid content (%) min. 98 min. 98
Ash content (%, 850℃) 12±2 14±2
pH value 5.0-8.0 5.0-8.0
Protective colloid polyvinyl alcohol polyvinyl alcohol
MFFT (℃)(1) 4 0
Tg (℃)(2) 0-4 4-5


Model No. SL-RD5018 Similar to VINNAPAS® 7220 E
Appearance flowing white powder
Particle size (mesh) 80
Bulk density ( kg/m³) 400-550
Solid content (%) min. 98
Ash content (%, 850℃) 18±2
pH value  5.0-8.0
Protective colloid polyvinyl alcohol
MFFT (℃)(1) 0
Tg (℃)(2) 6


(1)    Minimum film-forming temperature, approx.
(2)    Tg(℃) refers to glass transition temperature.

We can provide redispersible polymer powder similar to VINNAPAS® 5043N,VINNAPAS® 4023 N ,VINNAPAS® 8620 E, VINNAPAS® 8031, VINNAPAS® 4115N,VINNAPAS® 5028,ELOTEX MP2050,ELOTEX 60W,ELOTEX FX 2320,ELOTEX mp2070,ELOTEX TITAN 8100,ELOTEX FX 3300,DOW DLP 212,DOW DLP 2025,DOW DLP 2000,DOW DLP 211,DOW DLP 2020,DOW DLP 2141,DOW DLP 2101.

Note:other grades are available and special needs can be customized

SLEO® redispersible polymer powders are available in 25 KG paper plastic composite bags.

SLEO® redispersible polymer powders should be stored in its original packaging in a cool dry place with temperature below 30℃

It is recommended to use SLEO® redispersible polymer powders within six months. If not caked under prolonged storage, they can still be usable.

The unused redispersible polymer powders have to be sealed to avoid moisture in contact with air.

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