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What are the uses of redispersible latex powder

November 24, 2021by admin0

What are the uses of redispersible latex powder
Redispersible latex powder is widely used in the construction industry. It is a very good adhesive and has a very good waterproof function. It is its superior function that makes its scope of use continue to expand, and there are such products in many places.

Redispersible latex powder is a good tile adhesive. Many of the floor tiles in our homes and the tiles on the bathroom walls use this type of latex powder. It can bond tiles together very well. Everyone knows that tiles are very easy to get water when we are mopping the floor or taking a bath, but we don’t have to worry about this because it has a very good waterproof function.

At the same time, redispersible latex powder is often used to bond with mortar in external wall insulation systems, dry powder coatings, putty for internal and external walls, etc., and its use in the construction industry is very wide. In recent years, its sales have continued to increase, and it has gradually gained recognition.



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