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The role of HPMC in plastering materials

November 25, 2021by admin0

The role of HPMC in plastering materials

(1) Methyl cellulose ether can make the ash (mortar) slurry material obtain suitable water retention and consistency, and effectively improve the workability of the plastering material; at the same time, it can gradually release the water over a long period of time, thereby Ensure the combination of ash (mortar) and base.

(2) The surface activity of methyl cellulose ether ensures that the mineral gelling material is effectively and evenly distributed in the entire system. As a protective colloid, methyl cellulose ether “wraps” the solid particles to make the system more stable; After being combined with water, methyl cellulose ether forms a lubricating film, which improves the fluidity of the ash (mortar) slurry during mechanical mixing; by increasing the water demand, methyl cellulose ether can also increase the output of mortar:

(3) For plastering materials, it is also extremely important that the ash (mortar) slurry has anti-sagging properties and effectively prevents cracks during the coagulation of the ash (mortar) slurry. Walocel®MKX-PP (extremely fine powder) The water demand of ash (mortar) slurry can be increased appropriately. And restrain the formation of cracks and reduce sagging.



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