Instant hydroxypropyl methylcellulose

The instant hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is designed by SLEO chemical to be converted into water-based or water-based products. The surface of the cellulose fan is treated with glyoxal at a certain temperature and PH value. The surface of the gold star is treated by this treatment. The hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose is dispersed in the cold water of ZTE without swelling and viscosity, which delays the swelling. At this time, the aqueous solution is stirred for 5-10 minutes or the solution environment (PH value) When it is basic, the hydroxypropyl methylcellulose begins to swell to produce viscosity. This type of surface treatment is usually referred to as the instant type. The characteristic of instant hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is that when it encounters cold water, it will diffuse rapidly in cold water, but it takes time for its viscosity to rise, because it only diffuses in water in the early stage and is not dissolved in a substantial sense. Its viscosity reaches the maximum for more than forty minutes. The advantage of this is that it can be used in a specific industry where dry powder cannot be mixed, or it needs to be dissolved and used and hot water cannot be used due to equipment conditions. Type hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose solves such a problem. The instant hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose produced by our company disperses quickly in water (100% dispersion), dissolves quickly, and does not report agglomeration. Especially the late colloidal solution has high transparency (up to 95%) and large consistency. Restrictions in practical applications have expanded the application fields, such as in special fields such as construction glue, water-based paint, daily chemical washing and compound liquid additives.

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