Problems And Solutions Caused By HPMC In Putty Powder

Dry quickly. This is mainly the amount of ash calcium powder (too large, can appropriately reduce the amount of ash calcium powder in the putty formula) and the water retention rate of HPMC, and the drying degree of the wall.

Peel and roll. This is related to water retention rate, low HPMC viscosity is prone to this situation or add less.

The stripping of putty powder for interior walls. This and ash calcium powder added amount (the amount of ash calcium powder in the putty formulation too little or too low ash calcium powder purity, appropriate increase in ash calcium powder putty powder formula dosage), and also with the added amount of HPMC and quality, is embodied in the product on the water retention of water rate is low, ash calcium powder (calcium oxide in the ash calcium powder is not fully to the calcium hydroxide into hydration) didn’t have enough time.

Blister. This and wall’s dry humidity and flatness is concerned, also have a relation with construction at the same time.

There are needle points. This is related to HPMC, its poor film formation, but also the impurities in HPMC and gray calcium a slight reaction, if the reaction is severe, then the putty powder presents the state of bean curd residue.Cannot go up the wall, also do not have cohesive force at the same time, the product that added carboxymethyl class in cellulose additionally also appears this kind of circumstance.

Putty after drying easy to crack, yellow. This and ash of calcium powder add quantity concern much, of ash calcium powder add quantity much, bring about the increase of hardness after putty powder is dry, have hardness to have no flexibility only easy crack, especially when be subjected to external force more easy crack.It is also related to the high content of calcium oxide in ash calcium powder.


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