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Types and composition of redispersible latex powder

December 7, 2021by admin0

What are the types of redispersible latex powder? What is it made of? SLEO will answer for you.
The redispersible latex powders mainly used in the market are:
Vinyl acetate and ethylene copolymer rubber powder (Vac/E)
Ternary copolymer rubber powder of ethylene, vinyl chloride and vinyl laurel silicate (E/Vc/VL)
Vinyl acetate and ethylene and higher fatty acid vinyl ester ternary copolymer rubber powder (Vac/E/VeoVa)
Vinyl acetate and higher fatty acid vinyl ester copolymer rubber powder (Vac/VeoVa)
Acrylate and styrene copolymer rubber powder (A/S)
Vinyl acetate, acrylate and higher fatty acid vinyl ester ternary copolymer rubber powder (Vac/A/VeoVa)
Vinyl acetate homopolymer powder (PVac)
Styrene and butadiene copolymer rubber powder (SBR), etc.
Redispersible latex powder is usually white powder, but there are a few other colors. Its ingredients include:
Polymer resin: Located in the core part of the rubber powder particles, it is also the main component of the redispersible latex powder.
Additives (internal): together with the resin, it can modify the resin.
Additives (external): In order to further expand the performance of redispersible latex powder, another material is added.
Protective colloid: A layer of hydrophilic material wrapped on the surface of redispersible latex powder particles. Most of the protective colloids of redispersible latex powder are polyvinyl alcohol.
Anti-caking agent: fine mineral filler, mainly used to prevent rubber powder from agglomerating during storage and transportation and to facilitate the flow of rubber powder (pour out from paper bags or tankers).



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