Precautions when using redispersible latex powder

The re-dispersible latex powder mainly plays the role of toughness and strength in construction projects. Generally, the effect of adding a certain amount of strength will be good, but the following problems should be noted during the use of the product:

1. The feeding should not be invested at one time;

2. Stir and mix evenly, but the mixing time should not be too long, 15 minutes is appropriate, long-term mixing of sand and cement is easy to settle and layer (vertical mixer special attention);

3. The amount of additives needs to be adjusted according to seasonal changes;

4. Avoid additive or cement damping and agglomeration;

5. When polypropylene fiber needs to be added, it should be dispersed in cement first, because the fine particles of cement can eliminate the static electricity of the fiber, so that the polypropylene fiber can be dispersed;

6. It is strictly forbidden to stack and use with acidic materials;

7. It is forbidden to use in the construction below 5℃. Low temperature construction will cause the biggest engineering quality problem, which will cause non-adhesion of the plastering mortar and the thermal insulation board. This is the engineering quality problem without remedial plan in the later period.

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