Can redispersible latex powder improve the bonding strength in putty powder?

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In the production of putty powder, we need to use redispersible latex powder. Using these latex powders can increase the bonding strength. We know that if we want to produce high-quality putty powder, the formula must be appropriate, and the additives inside must be used appropriate. We use redispersible latex powder to increase the strength, so how can we ensure this strength?

redispersible latex powder

First of all, we need to understand what the redispersible latex powder is and how it is made. Its main function is to improve the strength. The composition is also made of polymer emulsions and then various additives are added. At the same time, protective colloids and anti-caking agents are added. The polymer is spray-dried to form a free-flowing powder that can be redispersed in water. We are mainly used to produce putty powder and dry powder mortar.

In the production process, the redispersible latex powder can be dispersed again and then re-emulsified, and then the base layer continuously absorbs the free water in the internal voids of the mortar, and the strong alkaline environment provided by the cement makes the latex particles dry and form in the mortar. A continuous membrane that is insoluble in water. This continuous membrane is formed by the fusion of single dispersed particles in the emulsion into a homogeneous body.

Redispersible latex powder is a spray-dried dispersion after dispersion. These are added to water to form a stable dispersion with the same properties as the original dispersion. However, there are certain conditions for the production of these latex powders, which need to be carried out under high temperature conditions. If it is not done properly, a continuous film will be formed, or even a sticky continuous film dispersion will be transformed into a fluid powder. All dispersions can be transformed into redispersible latex powder.

Redispersible latex powder can also improve the construction performance, so that the putty powder and dry mortar produced by us can be constructed better, which is also a very important role. After adding, the scratch resistance and flexural strength of the mortar are also improved, which can make the mortar plastic and less curable.

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