HPMC for tile adhesive -hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose hpmc factory

Tile adhesive contains cement ,sand , and other additives

The additives is as below:

The hydroxypropyl cellulose ether hpmc is provided with a water-repellent and thickening-imparting cellulose ether.
Redispersible polymer powder increasing the tile ceramic adhesion . It Vinyl acetate/vinyl ester copolymer, lauric acid ethylene/ethylene/vinyl chloride.

Tcrylics can greatly increase the flexibility of the tile adhesive and improve the stress, and increase the flexibility.

Wood fiber can improve the crack resistance of the mortar and increase the opening time.
Modified starch ether provides the anti-slip property of the mortar.

The early strength agent makes the tile adhesive more Quickly increase the strength,
The water-repellent agent to reduce water absorption and provide waterproof effect.

According to the powder: water = 1: 0.25-0.3 ratio.
Stirring can be applied
The tile position can be adjusted within the allowable time of operation after the adhesive is completely dried (The filling can be done after about 24 hours, The heavy load should be prevented from pressing on the tile surface within 24 hours )

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