The scope of use of external wall insulation mortar powder

The scope of use of external wall insulation mortar powder

The rubber powder used in external wall insulation materials is mortar rubber powder. Nowadays, mortar rubber powder has also been widely used in the construction and building materials industry, and it has also been recognized by many people. Mortar powder has the advantages of fast dissolution, simple manufacturing, low coating cost, good quality, high viscosity, fast mold formation, and the storage period of the manufactured coatings is three months without deposits or degeneration. It is an ideal substitute for polyvinyl alcohol.

It is because of its efficient work efficiency that it is sought after and expected by so many people. But only its high efficiency is lack of what is expected so much, and it is also widely used and several characteristics of keeping up with the times.

1. Wide application range

It can be widely used in various brick-concrete layouts, frame layouts and scissor-strength layouts for internal and external wall composite thermal insulation, basements, garages, stair corridors, fire passages and other public facilities for fire insulation.

2. Long service life

Excellent fire resistance, sound absorption, ventilation, water resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, and the stability of the mortar rubber powder ensure that the system and the bottom wall have an equal life span.

The use of mortar powder:

1. External wall putty mortar powder, mainly used to significantly improve the putty’s crack resistance, resistance to large alkalis, simple scraping, adhesion is also enhanced, and there is no foam in the front;

2. Waterproof mortar powder has outstanding waterproof ability. It is mainly used for exterior walls, swimming pools, reservoirs and pools and other buildings and various waterproof and anti-leakage projects. The super waterproof ability makes it deeply affected by everyone. Like and widely used in engineering construction;

3. Inorganic thermal insulation mortar powder, due to its common thermal insulation effect and chemical stability, is widely used in the thermal insulation of external walls to prevent the occurrence of cold and hot walls, and is widely used in construction.

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