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Several simple methods to identify redispersible latex powder

December 22, 2021by admin0

1. Appearance method: Use a glass rod to thinly and evenly cover a small amount of redispersible latex powder on the surface of a clean glass plate. The redispersible latex powder manufacturer places the glass plate on white paper and inspects the particles visually. The appearance of foreign matter and coagulum.

2. Dissolution method: Take a small amount of redispersible latex powder and put it in 5 times the water, stir first, and then wait for 5 minutes before taking a look. In principle, the less insoluble matter precipitated to the bottom layer, the better the quality of the redispersible latex powder.

3. Ash method: Take a certain amount of redispersible latex powder, weigh it, place it in a metal container, heat it to about 600 degrees, burn it at high temperature for about 30 minutes, cool it to room temperature, and weigh it again. Good quality with light weight.

4. Film forming method: take a certain amount of redispersible latex powder, put it in 2 times the water, stir well, let stand for 2 minutes, stir again, first pour the solution on a piece of flat glass, then glass Keep in a ventilated and shaded place. After drying, observe that the transparency is high and the quality is good.



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