The effect and application of hydroxypropyl cellulose ether in building materials

The effect and application of hydroxypropyl cellulose ether in building materials. In most cities in China, the environmentally friendly putty that is resistant to water and wiping has been paid attention to. In the past few years, putty made of building glue emits formaldehyde gas hazards. Everyone is healthy, the building glue is made by acetal reaction of polyvinyl alcohol and formaldehyde. So this kind of information is gradually being screened by everyone, and it is the cellulose ether series products that replace this information, that is, the development of environmentally friendly building materials, and cellulose is the only kind of information now.

There are two types of water-resistant putty: dry powder putty and putty paste. Of these two putties, modified methyl cellulose and hydroxypropyl methyl are usually selected. The viscosity standard is usually between 30,000 and 60,000 cps. The primary effect of cellulose in putty is water retention, adhesion and smoothness. Because the putty formulas of various manufacturers are different, some are gray calcium, light calcium, white cement, etc., and some are gypsum powder, gray calcium, light calcium, etc., so the standard viscosity and penetration amount of cellulose selected for the two formulas are different. The amount of participation is around 2‰-3‰.

In the construction of wall putty, because the base surface of the wall has a certain water absorption (the water absorption rate of the brick wall is 13%), the concrete is 3% to 5%), and the external Transpiration, so if the putty loses water too fast, it will cause cracks or powdering, and then weaken the strength of the putty. For this reason, after adding cellulose ether, this problem will be solved. However, the quality of the filler, especially the quality of ash calcium is also important.

Because cellulose has a higher viscosity, it also enhances the buoyancy of the putty and avoids the sag during construction. After scraping, it is smooth and labor-saving. The reason is that the cellulose ether in the powder putty should be added to the factory appropriately. Its production and application are relatively convenient. The filler and the auxiliary agent can be evenly mixed with the dry powder. The construction is also relatively quick. The on-site water distribution is used.

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