Dissolving time of instant hydroxypropyl methylcellulose

Instant Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose
Generally speaking, instant hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose will mention slow soluble hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose. Instant hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose can be used as glue, detergent, shampoo, water-based paint, etc. The advantage is that it will quickly disperse in cold water and disappear in the water. After two minutes, the viscosity of the liquid will gradually increase, forming a transparent viscous colloid. If the pH of the water is greater than 8, then even if it is added under stirring, it will not quickly form a viscous solution (but it will not slow to 20 hours). If the pH of the water is less than 6.5, even after the addition is complete Stirring can also stir evenly. But it also requires a certain dissolution time. This time is still related to the PH value. The lower the PH, the longer the time. It is recommended to add it in neutral water, and then adjust the PH value to alkaline. It will quickly form a consistency. Of course, in actual use, there is generally no special adjustment. Most other materials will automatically increase the pH value.

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