How to correctly choose redispersible latex powder products in the construction industry

Redispersible latex powders are mainly used in the construction industry to meet various needs, thereby improving the bonding strength of the product, enabling continuous film-forming properties, making the product more stable, and reducing the excellent waterproof performance. When choosing, how should you choose the appropriate redispersible latex powder? The following will show you how to choose the appropriate redispersible latex powder?

1. When choosing redispersible latex powder, look at its glass transition temperature.

The glass transition temperature is a main indicator of the physical properties of the redispersible latex powder. For specific products, a reasonable choice of the glass transition temperature of the redispersible latex powder is beneficial to enhance product flexibility and avoid problems such as cracking.

2. For its lowest film forming temperature

After being mixed with water and emulsified, the redispersible redispersible latex powder has similar properties to the original emulsion, that is, a film will be formed after the water evaporates. This film has high flexibility and good adhesion to various substrates.

3. Redissolvable performance.

Inferior redispersible latex powder is partially dissolved or difficult to dissolve in cold water or alkaline water.

4. The price of redispersible latex powder can be purchased.

When choosing the redispersible latex powder, you can choose according to the above points, and choose the appropriate one according to your own needs, so as to better play the greatest role in the work.

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