Construction and main items of tile adhesive

Surface treatment:

1. The base surface should be clean, solid and stable;

2. After the new concrete surface is completed, it should be cured for at least 28 days before laying bricks;

3. The newly plastered surface should be cured for at least 7 days before laying bricks;

4. When there is dirt on the base surface, use industrial detergent or degreaser to clean it, and then rinse it off with a high-pressure water tap;

5. When the substrate is loose and has strong water absorption or the surface dust and dirt are difficult to clean thoroughly, you can first apply white latex or glue for surface treatment;

6. In substrates with high water absorption or in high temperature and dry environment, the base surface must be moistened before construction.

Construction process:

1. The mixing ratio is about 25kg of powder: 5~6kg of water,

2. Use an electric mixer to stir the tile glue into a uniform and non-blocking gluey paste, let it stand and mature for about 10 minutes, then re-stir it for construction;

3. You can use the traditional point paste method, that is, apply the mixed cement on the back of the tile, and then paste it on the substrate. You can also use the scraper method. The specific method is as follows:

A. Use a toothed scraper to smear the cement on the working surface to make it evenly distributed and into a tooth shape. Each coating is about 1 square meter (depending on the weather and temperature),

Then knead the tiles on the base surface and adjust the parallelism of the tiles during the open time. In order to ensure the parallelism of the tiles, it is recommended to use a plastic tile joint cross;

B. Choosing the size of the toothed scraper should consider the flatness of the working surface and the degree of convexity on the back of the tile;

C. If the gap on the back of the ceramic tile is deep or the stone or ceramic tile is larger and heavier, double-sided glue should be applied, that is, the working surface and the back of the ceramic tile should be coated with mastic at the same time.


1. This product should be used in an environment of 5℃~40℃;

2. The ratio of water and powder can be adjusted appropriately depending on the substrate, weather, construction conditions, etc.;

3. When constructing in rainy weather, shelter and protective measures must be taken, and the construction area must not be wetted by rain within 24 hours after tiling;

4. The mortar should be used within 1.5 hours, and it is strictly forbidden to mix the dried mortar with water before using it;

5. The surface of the tile can be cleaned with a damp cloth for about 1 to 2 hours after the wall is tiled, and the next step of filling can be carried out after about 24 hours;

6. If the construction is on the ground, the subsequent construction can only be carried out 24 hours after the completion of the construction;

7. The squeegee of the tile adhesive should be uniform and fully applied, and the thickness of the adhesive layer should be about half of the tooth pitch of the toothed squeegee used.

Reference dosage (depending on the flatness of the base surface):

The amount of 6mmX6mm tooth scraper is about 3.5kg/m²;

The amount of 10mmX10mm tooth scraper is about 5kg/m²;

The amount of 12mmX12mm tooth scraper is about 7kg/m².

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