The use of polyvinyl alcohol powder The application of polyvinyl alcohol powder in putty

Gray calcium-based putty: A very small amount of addition can significantly improve the cohesive strength, adhesion and water resistance of the putty coating, reduce the amount of gray calcium powder, and significantly improve the phenomenon of delamination and scars during grinding. Improve the surface fineness of putty after polishing.

2. Putty on cement-based exterior wall: increase the cement setting speed, improve the early strength of the putty, good film-forming property, excellent durability, thin batch and not easy to peel off.

3. Polishing Putty (Imitation Porcelain Coating): It can improve the film-forming properties of the surface, making the coating surface more dense, harder, brighter, and more resistant to scrubbing. Only one kilogram per ton can get obvious results.

4. Neutral putty for interior walls: Add 6 kg of polyvinyl alcohol powder to one ton of calcium, and an appropriate amount of cellulose (both hydroxypropyl and carboxymethyl) to obtain ordinary putty with quality far superior to starch and 821 Powder, the hardness of this putty is between the gray calcium-based putty and starch putty, with excellent scratching properties, the adhesion, flexibility, polishing fineness and durability of the two putties are far inferior. If combined with gypsum powder and retarding technology, higher-end excellent home improvement putty powder can be obtained. This putty powder has a long service life and good decorative effect, which will become the development direction of the putty industry in the future.

5. In the quick sol water powder, it is the main binder. It is combined with an appropriate amount of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose and supplemented with an appropriate amount of thickening and complexing agent, which is convenient and environmentally friendly, with high bonding strength. It can mix cement and gypsum for wet wall leveling, and can separately batch double fly powder and non-fluffing high-performance glue powder. 6. In dry mortar. PVA1788 powder has good film forming properties. It can be used with cellulose ether water-retaining agent to improve the flexibility and water retention of various cement mortar and gypsum building materials, improve the bonding strength of mortar, and effectively prevent peeling, cracking, and hollowing. .

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