How to use hydroxypropyl methylcellulose

It is added directly during production. This method is the simplest and shortest time-consuming method. The specific steps are:

1. Add a certain amount of boiling water to a stirred container with high shear stress (hydroxyethyl cellulose products are soluble in cold water, so just add cold water);

2. Start the mixing at low speed, and slowly sieve the product into the mixing container;

3. Continue stirring until all particles are soaked;

4. Add enough cold water and continue to stir until all the products are completely dissolved (the transparency of the solution is obviously increased);

5. Then add other ingredients in the formula.

Preparation of mother liquor for use: This method is to prepare the product into a mother liquor of higher concentration and then add it to the product. Its advantage is greater flexibility and can be directly added to the finished product. The steps are the same as the steps (1-3) in the direct addition method. After the product is fully moistened, let it stand for natural cooling to dissolve, and then fully stir before use. It should be noted that the antifungal agent must be added to the mother liquor as soon as possible.

Dry mixing: After fully dry mixing the powdered product with powdered materials (such as cement, gypsum powder, ceramic clay, etc.), add an appropriate amount of water, and knead and stir until the product is completely dissolved.

Dissolution of cold water soluble products: Cold water soluble products can be directly added to cold water for dissolution. After being added to cold water, the product will sink quickly. After being wet for a certain period of time, turn on and stir until it is completely dissolved.

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