The mechanism of redispersible rubber powder

The first step in the production of redispersible polymer powders is the production of polymer dispersions, also known as emulsions or latexes.  the water-emulsified monomers (stabilized by emulsifiers or macromolecular protective colloids) react with initiators to start emulsion polymerization. Through this reaction, the monomers are connected to form long-chain molecules (macro macromolecules). That is polymers. During this reaction, the monomer emulsion droplets are transformed into polymer “solid” particles. In this polymer emulsion, the stabilizer on the particle surface must prevent the latex from coalescing under any circumstances and thus becoming unstable. Then, different additives are added to prepare a mixture for spray drying, and then protective colloids and anti-caking agents are added to make the polymer form a free-flowing powder that can be redispersed in water after spray drying. ELOTEX has a special product design to ensure that the redispersible rubber powder it produces can be quickly dispersed after the dry mortar is stirred with water.

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