Correct understanding of putty powder and putty paste

Although there is only one word difference between putty powder and putty paste, there is also a big difference. Putty powder is a basic leveling material, while putty paste is a wall decoration material. One table and one lining play different roles. Function, the editor will analyze the difference between putty powder and putty paste for you below.

1. From the construction performance analysis

Putty powder is generally mixed on-site when it is used. Such putty powder is more troublesome to operate, and it also prolongs working hours and increases labor construction costs. Putty paste is generally a finished product, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, SLEO is very convenient to use. It can be used when opened, which not only saves working hours and improves efficiency. It can also save labor costs.

2. Analysis from the perspective of environmental sanitation

On-site mixing of putty powder will definitely cause dust pollution on the construction site, which is a mess on the construction site. The putty paste will not have dust pollution.

3. Product quality analysis

Since the putty powder is stirred on site, the quality of the putty powder is related to the technical level of the construction personnel, which will affect the quality of the putty powder, leading to quality problems in the later stage, and the putty paste construction will not have a quality impact.

Fourth, the basic treatment of the wall

Putty powder construction requires that the base layer be free of any impurities, and the interface agent is applied for reinforcement. Putty paste can effectively reinforce the presence of individual dirt and dust, and the requirements for the base layer are not very harsh.

Five, the influence of the season

Winter has a great impact on the construction of putty powder. Because workers disagree with the operation of the product, there is a problem of insufficient dissolution when mixing. The putty paste factory mechanizes production to ensure stable quality.

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