What are the components of redispersible latex powder?

Redispersible latex powder is usually white powder, and its composition mainly includes:

1. Polymer resin: Located in the core part of the rubber powder particles, it is also the main component of the redispersible latex powder, for example, polyvinyl acetate/vinyl resin.

2. Additives (internal): together with the resin, it can modify the resin, such as a plasticizer that reduces the film-forming temperature of the resin (usually vinyl acetate/ethylene copolymer resin does not need to add a plasticizer). Not every rubber powder has additives.

3. Protective colloid: A layer of hydrophilic material is wrapped on the surface of the redispersible latex powder particles. Most of the protective colloids of redispersible latex powder are polyvinyl alcohol.

4. Additives (external): In order to further expand the performance of redispersible latex powder, another material is added. Such as adding super water reducing agent in some flow-aid rubber powder. Like internal additives, not every redispersible latex powder contains this additive.

5. Anti-caking agent: fine mineral filler, mainly used to prevent rubber powder from agglomerating during storage and transportation and to facilitate the flow of rubber powder (pour out from paper bags or tankers).

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