What is the main function of the special glue powder for tile adhesive?

The special latex powder for tile adhesive is a new type of tile adhesive made by using cement as a gelling agent, adding high molecular polymers and inorganic powders as water-retaining agents and adhesives. It can also be applied to thin tiles. Layer bonding.

The role of the special glue powder for tile adhesive is mainly as follows:
1. Improve the compressive strength and flexural strength of mortar.
2. The addition of latex powder increases the elongation of the mortar, thereby improving the impact toughness of the mortar, and also gives the mortar a good stress dispersion effect.
3. Improve the bonding performance of the mortar. The bonding mechanism relies on the adsorption and diffusion of macromolecules on the sticky surface. At the same time, the rubber powder has a certain degree of permeability. Together with the cellulose ether, it can fully infiltrate the surface of the base material, so that the base layer and the surface performance of the new plaster are close, thereby improving Adsorbability greatly increases its performance.
4. Reduce the elastic modulus of the mortar, improve the deformability and reduce the cracking phenomenon.
5. Improve the wear resistance of the mortar. The improvement of abrasion resistance is mainly due to the presence of a certain amount of glue on the surface of the mortar. The rubber powder plays a binding role. The net membrane structure formed by the rubber powder can pass through the holes and cracks in the cement mortar. Improve the bonding of the base material and the cement hydration product, thereby improving the wear resistance.
6. Give the mortar excellent alkali resistance.

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