Mortar latex powder manufacturers teach you to distinguish latex powder and putty powder

Many friends who are engaged in the construction and decoration industry for the first time are very unfamiliar with these two kinds of latex powders, and even confuse them. The following mortar latex powder manufacturers will distinguish between putty powder and putty powder for you. The putty powder is pure white in appearance and is mainly used for repairing and leveling walls. There are many types according to different purposes, including internal wall putty powder and external wall putty powder. Among them, the external wall putty powder produced by the mortar latex powder manufacturer has high bonding performance and high strength; the internal wall putty powder has good environmental performance. It can improve the smoothness of the wall, improve the brightness of the wall, prevent the wall from cracking and de-powdering, and can also fill the wall to make it look smoother and smoother, and play a role in beautifying the decoration environment. Putty latex powder is also a pure white powder, the colors of the two are similar, and there is basically no difference in appearance. Putty powder is non-toxic and non-flammable. It belongs to natural polymer processing and is an auxiliary material for putty powder. The putty latex powder of the mortar rubber powder manufacturer is used to prevent dehydration, increase the viscosity of the putty powder, or as a water reducing agent to reduce the water demand of the mortar and reduce the production cost; it also has a waterproof function to prevent rainwater from infiltrating and protecting Houses and other buildings.

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