hpmc manufacturer-Main uses of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose HPMC

hpmc manufacturer-Main uses of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose HPMC

The main purpose:

External thermal insulation system-choosing an appropriate amount of HPMC can maximize the bonding strength and smooth construction of the bonding mortar, and improve work efficiency.

Tile adhesive-HPMC’s good water retention, enhanced adhesion, and high sag resistance improve the bonding efficiency, greatly improve the construction performance of the adhesive, and allow longer open time and stronger bonding It can prevent the tiles from losing water and falling off too quickly, and improve the bonding strength and shear strength.

Please putty inside and outside-the water retention performance of HPMC prevents the putty powder from cracking due to drying too fast after scraping, enhances the strength after hardening, and facilitates the construction of scraping. Because of its viscosity, it also helps to improve the adhesion. .

Machine-blasted mortar-HPMC can make the sprayed mortar have good pumping performance and anti-sagging performance, extend the operating time, improve the mortar and workability, and avoid mortar layering and pipe blockage.

Self-leveling mortar-low-viscosity HPMC has anti-settling properties, enhanced fluidity, and pumpability. Its water retention can prevent bleeding and segregation, reduce cracking and shrinkage.

Gypsum-based plaster-HPMC can retain the moisture in the mortar, so that the gypsum is completely solidified, and the anti-sagging property allows the builder to apply a thicker coating without causing construction ripples.

Daily chemical washing-HPMC is an effective thickener, emulsifier, stabilizer and dispersant in daily chemical washing, which makes the product state and performance more stable.


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