Do all redispersible latex powders really have film-forming properties

When it comes to redispersible latex powder, we can think of its film-forming effect and adhesion, so is it really all Are they all film-forming?
Redispersible latex powder is a polymer emulsion through spray drying, freeze drying or spin flash evaporation
Powder adhesive prepared by dehydration and pulverization. Under normal storage conditions, the powder does not stick and maintains good fluidity.
According to the purpose, it can be divided into 2 categories:
The first type is non-film-forming at room temperature after being re-dispersed in water. It is mainly used for the modification of cement or cement mortar.
Improve the elasticity of the final product and reduce the tendency of cracking; the other is to form a film at room temperature after being re-dispersed in water
Yes, it can be used as a film-forming substance or auxiliary film-forming substance for zero-VOC dry powder coatings, cement-based tile adhesives.

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