Introduction of redispersed latex powder to improve bending and tensile resistance

The film of redispersible latex powder is elastic and tough, and it is in the rigid framework formed by the hydration of cement mortar. Between cement mortar particles and particles, it has a function similar to a movable joint, which can withstand high deformation loads, reduce stress, and improve tensile and bending resistance.

Redispersible latex powder is a thermoplastic resin to improve impact resistance. It is covered with a soft film on the surface of the mortar particles and can redisperse the latex powder. It can absorb the impact of external force, relax without breaking, thereby improving the impact resistance of the mortar. Redispersible latex powder improves water repellency and reduces water absorption, which improves the microstructure of cement mortar.

The polymer forms an irreversible network during the cement hydration process, and redispersible latex powder is added. Seal the capillary in the cement gel, block the absorption of water, prevent the penetration of water, and improve the impermeability. Redispersible latex powder improves abrasion resistance and durability.

Redispersible latex powder is mainly used in dry cement mortar in the construction industry. Redispersible latex powder is an important additive for dry cement mortar.

The role of dry cement mortar is remarkable. It can improve the bonding strength and cohesion of the material. Improve the elastic bending strength and flexural strength of materials. Improve the freeze-thaw resistance of materials. Improve the weather resistance of materials, and can redisperse latex powder. Durability, wear resistance. Improve the hydrophobicity of the material and reduce the water absorption. Improve workability and reduce material shrinkage. Can effectively prevent cracking. Improve bending and tensile resistance

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