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What is the material composition of ceramic tile adhesive mortar?

January 20, 2022by admin0

The material composition of ceramic tile adhesive mortar generally includes:

①Cement: inorganic cementing material;

②Redispersible latex powder: enhancing the bonding strength for all substrates (especially non-porous substrates and large-size tiles; or pasted on the smooth surface and unstable substrates), increasing the tensile strength, reducing the elastic modulus, increasing the water retention, improving the workability, and reducing the permeability, etc.;

③sand: it acts as the aggregate and adjusts the consistency of adhesive mortar, so its particle size is very important;

④Hydroxypropyl Methyl cellulose: it acts as a thickening agent and maintains the moisture in the adhesive mortar, and gives adhesive mortar good workability (the mortar in the thin-layer construction process is thin, and easy to lose moisture before the cement reacts with water, such as evaporation, or absorbed by the substrate and tiles);

⑤Other functional additives.



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