Redispersible latex powder improves the bonding properties and cohesion of mater

The redispersible latex powder is a powder adhesive agent prepared by spray drying of a polymer emulsion, and is a main additive of dry powder ready-mixed mortar such as cement-based or gypsum-based, and has good dispersibility and high flexibility. High weatherability and chemical properties are the same as the initial emulsion. Adding Long Rui brand redispersible latex powder to dry powder can improve the bonding property and cohesion of the material, have internal plasticizing effect, increase the elasticity and bending strength of the material, improve the impact resistance and weather resistance of the material, and improve Different properties of the mortar, different redispersible latex powders have different effects on the performance of the dry mortar. Therefore, the redispersible latex powder is widely used in construction fields such as exterior wall insulation, tile bonding, interface treatment, gypsum bonding, interior and exterior wall putty.

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