What is the composition of the redispersible latex powder?

Redispersible latex powder is usually white powder, its main components include:
1, the polymer resin: located in the core of the powder particles, but also play a role in the main components of redispersible latex powder, for example, polyvinyl acetate / vinyl resin.
2, additives (inside): together with the resin to play the role of modified resin, such as reducing the temperature of the resin film plasticizer (usually vinyl acetate / ethylene copolymer resin does not need to add plasticizer). Not every powder has additive ingredients.
3, protective colloid: in the redispersible latex powder particles wrapped in a layer of hydrophilic material, the vast majority of redispersible latex powder protective colloid is polyvinyl alcohol.
4, additives (outside): In order to further expand the performance of redispersible latex powder and another addition of materials. Such as adding super-water-reducing agent in some of the flow of the powder. As with the addition of additives, not every redispersible latex powder contains such additives.
5, anti-caking agent: fine mineral filler, mainly used to prevent the powder in the storage and transportation process agglomeration and easy to powder flow (from the paper bag or tanker dumped).

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