Cement-based tile adhesive is the largest application of the current special dry-mixed mortar. It is a kind of organic or inorganic admixture with cement as the main cementing material and supplemented with grading aggregate, water retention agent, early strength agent and latex powder. mixture. Generally, it only needs to be mixed with water. Compared with ordinary cement mortar, it can greatly improve the bond strength between the facing material and the substrate, has good anti-slip property and has excellent water resistance and heat resistance. It is also used for the decoration of interior and exterior wall tiles, floor tiles and other decorative materials. It is widely used in the decoration of interior and exterior walls, floors, bathrooms, kitchens, etc. It is the most widely used tile. Bonding material.

Usually, when we judge the performance of a tile adhesive, we should pay attention to its mechanical strength and opening time in addition to its operational performance and anti-slipping ability. In addition to affecting the rheological properties of porcelain rubber, such as the smoothness of operation, the condition of the sticking knife, etc., the cellulose ether has a strong influence on the mechanical properties of the tile adhesive.

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