VAE/RDP powder in Building & Construction Applications

Vinyl acetate-co-ethylene copolymers (VAE), available from SLEO. SLEO® redispersible polymer powders are free flowing white powders obtained by spray drying macromolecular copolymer dispersions under carefully defined conditions. They are widely used improve cohesion, adhesion, flexibility and workability in constructions especially in dry-mix mortar.

Dry mixing with other powders such as cement, sand, or light aggregate at a field site or manufacturing location can facilitate consistency and reliable performance. VAE-RDPs are used as cement and plaster modifiers or as a binder resin for inorganic materials such as gypsum and hydrated lime. Formulators also use VAE-RDPs as the sole binder resin for construction adhesives.

The advantages of incorporating VAE-RDPs in dry-mix formulations include improvements in workability and water retention, plasticity, dispersion, and freeze stability. The VAE resins are soft and flexible because of their relatively high ethylene contents. As a modifier, VAE-RDPs improve flex strength, crack resistance, adhesion, abrasion and impact resistance, and water repellency.

Applications for VAE-RDPs include the formulation of construction materials such as tile adhesives, grouts, finishing plasters, troweling compounds, thin set mortars, and sealing slurries.. The amount of VAE-RDPs added to cements and plaster is about 2-10 percent, depending on the improvement of strength, impact resistance, adhesion, and water resistance required of the compound.


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