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Application Of Redispersible Latex Powder In Putty Powder

February 8, 2022by admin0

The redispersible latex powder reduces the modulus of the putty and enhances the matching of the base layer;

The redispersible latex powder can improve the microporous structure of the cement, and the flexibility is enhanced after adding the putty rubber powder, and the crack resistance is resistant;

The redispersible latex powder improves the anti-dusting property;

Re-dispersible latex powder drowning or reducing the water absorption of the putty layer;

The redispersible latex powder increases the adhesion of the putty to the base wall.

The effect of redispersible latex powder on new mix putty in putty powder:

The dispersible polymer powder can improve the workability and improve the scraping performance of the putty batch;

The redispersible latex powder additionally increases water retention;

Re-dispersible latex powder increases workability;

Redispersible latex powder to avoid early cracking.



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