Main Use Of Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose Powder

HPMC is white powder or granule made from highly pure cotton – cellulose by reaction of etherification. HPMC is characterized by water solubility, water retention, nonionic, stability of the PH value, surface activity, temperature reversible gelling properties, thickening property, film formability, lubrication property etc.,without any organs of animals, fat and other bioactive constituents.

Our hpmc cellulose are most commonly used as performance additives in gypsum-based or cement-based construction materials. They act as water retention agent, thickener, binder and film former.
Gypsum based construction materials usually include Gypsum based plaster, Gypsum filler/joint filler, Gypsum adhesive.
Cement based construction materials usually include Tile cement mortar/tile adhesive, Plaster/render, Tile grout, Self leveling compound, Masonry mortar, External wall insulation.


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