How To Do Exterior Wall Insulation Construction In Winter

In winter, how to use hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose for external wall insulation construction.

Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose construction points one, pay attention to the temperature change

Pay close attention to the weather forecast and keep track of temperature changes.If there is a drop in temperature or rain or snow, the construction should be stopped immediately.And to ensure that the construction temperature is not less than 5℃, otherwise not only the health time changes, the material will be frozen after the destruction of product quality, resulting in cracking, water resistance decline, seriously affecting the quality of the whole system.

Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose construction points two, external wall insulation construction

Attention should be paid to external wall insulation construction:

1. Water-cement ratio and cement-cement ratio should be used within the prescribed range. Do not stir the material too thinly, or the solidification time will be prolonged.

2. Do not soak the mesh cloth in water to prevent the mesh cloth from freezing.

3. Try to choose the noon time during the plaster construction to reduce the influence of temperature fluctuation.

4. Due to the lower temperature, the foaming and curing time of styrofoam is prolonged, so the time to polish the seam of the board during construction should be prolonged to avoid polishing the styrofoam before curing.

Note: if the construction project is required to be completed within the year, the north facade and gable wall shall be constructed first, and the south facade shall be constructed in the last place (with relatively long light duration in winter).

Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose construction points three, external insulation materials

1. Storage of external insulation material:

The storage temperature of all liquid materials or paste materials (such as: two-component plaster mortar plaster material, imitation brick decorative mortar, true stone paint/color stone, foam, etc.) should not be lower than 5℃, should be placed in the room and covered with cotton felt to increase the storage temperature.All powder materials should be stored in a dry place.

2. Bonding mortar, protective mortar and various supporting materials of the company are prohibited to add any antifreeze, early strength agent and other auxiliary materials.Anti – paste agent, early strength agent only on the cement hardening, no effect on polymer film.

3. Since it is winter, many construction sites will be closed soon, dealers should make a good material plan to avoid excessive surplus, the storage environment at the site is very unfavorable for external insulation materials.

The above are some problems that we should pay attention to when carrying out external wall insulation construction in winter. We should always pay attention to temperature changes to ensure the construction under normal construction environment, pay attention to on-site construction, and store the external wall insulation materials to achieve the quality of the whole external wall insulation system.

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