RDP & HPMC’s Effect In Tile Adhesive

Redispersible Polymer Powder:
Under the wet-mixture situation, RDP would improve the thickness and slipperiness of the mortar system. The characters of the polymer itself make a big difference on mortar’s cohesion and workability.
After Tile Adhesive dried, RDP would also enhance the adhesion on the smooth and compact surface, and improve the effect of sandstone’s interface air vent. With enough RDP dosage, it would form a film on the interface which makes Tile Adhesive be flexible by lower the elasticity modulus.
In practical use, this character would greatly absorb the thermal deformation stress, after cured it could also buffer the stress caused by temperature and material’s deformation (like the difference between Ceramic tiles and cement mortar). Besides, it could also provide some water-proofing effect when soaked.
HPMC provides good water-retention effect and workability to freshly mixed mortar, especially has an excellent effect on the wetting area. It could reduce water absorption from the basic layer and water evaporation from the surface layer.
The air-entraining performance of HPMC could also lighten the weight of Tile Adhesive, save materials and lower the elasticity modulus of the cured mortar.


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