what are the differences between tile adhesive and tile adhesive on the back?

What are the differences between tile adhesive and tile adhesive on the back?

01,Different uses

Tile adhesive: instead of traditional cement mortar, tile adhesive is used for pasting decorative materials such as tiles, surface tiles, floor tiles, etc. Its biggest feature is strong adhesion, material saving, safety, and firmness, which can effectively avoid hollowing or falling off.

Tile adhesive on the back, also called tile back butter: Tile adhesive is a composite product, which can be used in combination with many kinds of bonding materials, but it cannot be used alone. The adhesive strength between chemical bricks and bonding materials, ceramic tile adhesive is suitable for indoor and outdoor low water absorption vitrified bricks, antique bricks, polished bricks, cultural stones, artificial stones, natural marbles and other bricks on walls and floors.

02,Different raw materials

Tile adhesive: The raw material is cement, quartz sand and other polymer building materials, which is a substitute for traditional cement mortar.

Tile adhesive on the back: It is compounded by high-quality polymer emulsion material and inorganic silicate.

03,Different appearance

Tile adhesive: in powder form, the packaging of tile adhesive is the same as that of cement.

Tile adhesive on the back: It is a latex material, which can be directly painted on the back of the tile after opening the lid.

04,Different construction methods

Tile adhesive: It needs to be mixed with water and applied. After configuration, it can be used to paste tiles. Apply tile adhesive evenly on the wall, and then paste the tiles.

Tile adhesive: Use a brush to brush adhesive on the back of tiles. After the coating becomes transparent, apply cement mortar or tile adhesive to pave it.

In general, the difference between tile adhesive and tile adhesive on the back is: tile adhesive can be used alone instead of traditional cement mortar to stick tiles. However, tile adhesive on the back must be used in conjunction with tile adhesive or cement mortar. Brush the adhesive first, and then use tile adhesive or cement mortar to paste the tiles after the adhesive dries.

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