The importance of HPMC cellulose to mortar water retention

In the mortar why people on water retention requirements are so high, water retention good mortar has what outstanding advantages, let me introduce to you, the importance of mortar water retention.

One, the necessity of water conservation

1, water retention of mortar refers to the ability of mortar to retain water, the mortar with poor water retention, in the process of transportation and storage, easy to seach, that is, water floating in the above, sand and cement sink in the bottom, must be remixed before use.

All need mortar construction of grassroots has certain water imbibition, if poor water retention of mortar, the mortar of process, as long as the ready-mixed mortar with tile or a contact at the grass-roots level, makes the ready-mixed mortar was to moisture absorption, mortar appearance to evaporate moisture in the atmosphere at the same time, resulting in filtration of slurry and water deficiency, affect the further hydration of cement, affects the normal development of mortar strength at the same time, bring about sclerosis of intensity, especially the mortar body and strength of the interface between the grassroots become low, cause the cracking of mortar, fall off.And the mortar with good water retention, cement hydration is more adequate, the strength can get the normal development, and the base can be a good bond together.
Premixed mortar is usually built between the absorbent blocks or daubed on the base to form a whole with the matrix.The influence of poor water retention of mortar on project quality is as follows:
1. Due to excessive water loss of mortar, the normal setting and hardening of mortar are affected, and the bonding force between mortar and the surface is reduced, which is not only inconvenient for construction operation, but also reduces the strength of masonry, thus greatly reducing the project quality.
2. If the mortar bond is not good, the water is easy to be absorbed by the brick, making the mortar too dry and thick, daub uneven, in the implementation of the project, not only affect the progress, but also make the wall easy to dry shrinkage and cause cracking;
Therefore, increasing the water retention of mortar is not only beneficial to the construction, but also can increase the strength.

Two, the traditional water conservation method

The traditional solution is to water the base, but this is unlikely to ensure that the base is evenly and properly watered.The ideal hydration goal of cement mortar on the base is: cement hydration products with the process of water absorption of the base, infiltrate into the base, form an effective “key connection” between the base, so as to achieve the required bond strength.

Direct to the base surface watering, because of the temperature, watering time, watering uniformity, and make the base water seriously discrete.With a small amount of water absorption, the base will continue to absorb the water in the mortar. Before the cement hydration, the water will be sucked away, affecting the cement hydration and hydration products to penetrate into the matrix.Due to the large amount of water absorption at the base level, the water content in the mortar moves slowly to the base level, and even forms a water-rich layer between the mortar and the matrix, which also affects the bonding strength.So with the common method of base watering, not only can not effectively solve the problem of high water absorption rate of wall base, but will affect the bonding strength of mortar and base, resulting in empty drum, dry crack.

Three. Efficient water retention

The high water-retaining property of mortar has a variety of advantages:

1. Excellent water retention performance makes the mortar open for a longer time, with the advantages of large area construction, long time in the barrel, batch mixing and batch use.

2. Good water-retaining property can make the cement in the mortar fully hydrated and effectively improve the bonding property of the mortar.

3. Mortar has excellent water retention performance, which makes it difficult for mortar to produce segregation and bleeding. Now, the workability and construction performance of mortar have been improved.


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