THE HPMC adhesive more and quality better?

Generally the viscosity is proportional to the water retention viscosity under 100,000.but viscosity more than 100,000 water retention rate basically does not not viscosity more quality better.

It depends on your usage

# 1st HPMC is used for Water retention in mortars. Only HPMC have good water retention, the cement and sand have enough times to work together much better before dry, then the mortar adhesive much better! If low water retention, the mortars dry very quickly so the adhesive is bad.

# 2nd It is not viscosity higher, quality higher. It depends on which usage and in which working conditions.

Different country in different seasons, the temperature and humidity is different.

Every country sand and cement quality is also different. So the formula will be little different, someone like to use 150000viscosity and someone like to use 200000viscosity.


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