How to use HPMC

How to use HPMC
1.All types HPMC can be directly added in the material as dry mixing method
2.When add the HPMC in the normal temperature water, please choose the cold water dispersible type products. In normal temperature the cold water type HPMC solution will gradually become thickener in 10 to 90 minutes.
3.Ordinary type HPMC better dissolution method is add HPMC in hot water, after the HPMC evenly dispersed in the hot water, add cold water until the HPMC solution thickener will be ok.
4.If have agglomeration phenomenon when HPMC dissolve, because the HPMC solution have not enough stirring or irrelevantly add the ordinary type HPMC in cold water. More quickly stir the solution will solve the problem.
5. if have bubbles when HPMC dissolve, stewing 2 to 12 hours (stewing time decide by HPMC solution viscosity), vacuum pumping , pressing or add antifoaming agent all can solve the problem.


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