The application of dispersible emulsion powder

The dispersible emulsion powder is dispersed and molded in the mold as a second binder to enhance the adhesion; the protective colloid is absorbed by the mortar system (it will not be destroyed after the mold is molded. or secondary dispersion); the molded polymer resin is distributed throughout the mortar system as a reinforcing material, thus increasing the cohesiveness of the mortar.

VAE Powder

What is the role of redispersible emulsion powder in wet mortar ?
A: Improving construction performance; improving fluidity; increasing thixotropy and anti-sagging; improving cohesion; extending opening time; enhancing water retention.

What is the function of redispersible emulsion powder in mortar after curing?
A: Increase tensile strength; increase flexural strength; reduce modulus of elasticity; increase deformability, material denseness, abrasion resistance, cohesive strength; reduce carbonation depth; reduce material water absorption; make the material have excellent water repellency (add water repellency powder).

What is the role of redispersible emulsion powder in different dry mortar products?
01 Tile adhesive
①Impact on fresh mortar

A. Extending the working time and adjustable time.

B. Improving water retention performance and ensuring cement splash.

C. improve the anti-sagging property (special modified rubber powder)

D. improve workability (easy to work on substrate, easy to press tiles into adhesive)

② Effect on hardened mortar

A. Good adhesion to various substrates, including concrete, plaster, wood, old tiles, PVC.

B. Good adaptability in various climatic conditions.

02 External wall insulation system
①Impact on fresh mortar

A. Extend the working time.

B. Improving water retention performance and ensuring cement hydration.

C. Improve processability.

②Impact on hardened mortar

A. Good adhesion to polystyrene board and other substrates.

B. excellent flexibility and impact resistance.

C. excellent water vapor permeability.

D. Good hydrophobicity.

E. Good weather resistance.

03 Self-leveling
① Influence on fresh mortar

A. Assist in improving fluidity.

B. Improving cohesion and reducing delamination.

C. Reducing the generation of air bubbles.

D. Improving surface finish.

E. Avoid early cracking.

② Effect on hardened mortar

A. Improving the crack resistance of self-leveling.

B. Improving the flexural strength of self-leveling.

C. Significantly improve self-leveling abrasion resistance.

D. Significantly improve self-leveling bond strength

04 Putty
① Effect on fresh mortar

A. Improving construction.

B. Adding additional water retention to improve hydration.

C. Increase and tradability.

D. Avoidance of early cracking.

②Effects on hardened mortar

A. reduce the modulus of elasticity of the mortar and increase the fit to the substrate.

B. increase flexibility and cracking resistance.

C. increase the resistance to chalking.

D. decrease in hydrophobicity or water absorption.

E. Increase the adhesion to the grass-roots level.

05 Waterproof mortar
①The effect on fresh mortar.

A. Improve construction

B. increase additional water retention and improve cement hydration.

C. increase and tradability.

② Effects on hardened mortar: A.

A. reduce the modulus of elasticity of mortar and enhance the fit with the substrate.

B. increase flexibility, cracking resistance or bridging ability.

C. increase the density of mortar.

D. hydrophobicity.

E. Increase adhesion.

As a building material additive, dispersible emulsion powder plays an important role in modern construction.

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