The Advantages of HPMC in Construction Materials

Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose has unique properties in the application of construction materials, from mixing to dispersion to construction, as follows.

Dispersion mixing
1. Dry mix formulations containing hydroxypropyl methylcellulose can be easily mixed with water.

2. Quickly obtain the desired consistency.

3. Cellulose ethers dissolve faster and without agglomeration.

Complexity and configuration
1. Easy to mix with dry powder formulations.

2. Features cold water dispersion.

3. Enables effective suspension of solid particles for smoother and more uniform mixtures.

HPMC for Tile Adhensive

Finished product performance and appearance
1. Improve the adhesive strength of tile adhesive.

2. Improve the anti-cracking shrinkage and anti-cracking strength of mortar and board sealant.

3. Improve the air content in mortar, greatly reducing the possibility of cracking.

4. Improve the appearance of finished products.

5. It can enhance the anti-vertical mobility of tile adhesive.

The Advantages of HPMC in Construction Materials

Line construction
1. Improve lubricity and plasticity, enhance processability, make the product construction more convenient and fast.

2. Enhance water retention and prolong working time.

3. Help prevent vertical flow of mortar, grout and tile. Extend the cooling time and improve the working efficiency.

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