Redispersible Latex Powder Performance

At present, redispersible latex powder is widely used in concrete due to its good storage stability, storage period, no deterioration due to freezing or water volatilization, simple packaging, convenient transportation, and can be mixed with cement, gypsum and other raw materials at will. , Mortar modification, powder coatings and powder binders. However, the contradiction between the redispersibility of the redispersible latex powder and the water resistance and adhesion properties has not been well resolved. This article discusses various factors affecting its performance from the preparation process of polymer latex powder, and tries to put forward ideas to solve the contradiction between polymer latex powder’s redispersibility and water resistance.

There are many types of redispersible latex powders and their applications are very wide. Traditionally, redispersible latex powder is mainly used for the modification of building materials such as cement and mortar. Film-forming latex powders at room temperature are used as plasticizers, tougheners, thickeners, binders, film-forming agents, and waterproofing agents for inorganic hydraulic materials such as cement and gypsum. Specific applications include single-component building mortars ( Exterior wall putty, colored decorative mortar, thermal insulation mortar, etc.), wall and floor tile installation materials (tile adhesive, caulking agent, etc.), floor mortar (self-leveling cement mortar for the bottom layer and surface layer, etc.), masonry mortar, repair mortar Etc., organic modified dry powder concrete, etc.

With the deepening of people’s understanding of redispersible latex powder, the application range of redispersible latex powder is becoming wider and wider. The use of redispersible polymer latex powder as a coating film-forming substance is an important idea in the development of “environmentally friendly coatings”. The polymer latex powder that forms a film at room temperature can be used alone as a film-forming substance for dry powder latex paints and dry powder adhesives with zero volatile organic compounds (VOC) content. After stirring with water, it has similar properties to similar latex paints or adhesives.

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