The application of Hpmc used in putty powder

Hpmc can be used in putty powder,there are mainly four types of putty cracks.

Insulation cracks: Generally, irregular cracks are common. It is caused by many reasons such as shrinkage deformation of benzene board, mesh cloth, mortar, and incorrect construction. The solution should be based on the size and distribution of the crack. If it is serious, it is necessary to add a mesh cloth or mesh cloth. If it is not serious, use a two-component flexible putty to complete the batch.
Stucco layer crack: The leveling mortar is not flexible enough, and it shows a relatively large crack of the turtle, which is generally evenly distributed. Use high-elastic putty or two-component elastic putty to complete the repair.
Wall crack: The crack shows an uneven distribution with the change of the foundation. This is caused by the settlement deformation of the wall. Solution: 1. If the building has been settling and deformation, do not be busy repairing, it is best to wait until it is no longer deformed. 2. Repair should be based on the shape and density of the crack, and can be repaired by slotting or patching with mesh cloth. High-elastic putty must be used.
Puddle layer crack: Generally, it is a tiny crack of the turtle, evenly distributed. Note that the seam is not the seam, and the seam and the seam are different.
The problem of cracking of the putty layer.
Inorganic binder (ash calcium powder, cement) is added in too much amount, and too much strength will cause cracks. Generally, cracks appear in the waterproof and putty on the inner and outer walls. The addition of ash calcium powder exceeds 50%, resulting in putty strength. Large, the surface is hard and brittle, and it is easy to produce cracks in the turtle. In the past, glue was used in most parts of China (not 107 glue, because 107 glue was stopped due to environmental problems), and the old powder or the external wall glue and white cement were easy to produce powder and crack.
The paint layer of the inner and outer wall base is loose and dusty. If it is not solved, the full batch of putty is a layer of powder on the surface, and it is easy to stratify the drum. If the sound is different by hand, as the outside temperature changes, the crack slowly appears, and the crack cracks in the direction of the hollow drum. If you open the crack, you will see that the putty and the bottom of the wall are two layers, and the middle layer is dusty.
The putty coating layer is too thick to produce cracks. Generally, the thickness of the putty is 1-2mm, generally not more than 3mm. Some inner and outer walls have poor flatness, and the error is as high as 3-5 cm. If the all-purpose putty powder is leveled, it must be cracked. The mortar should be leveled. The larger the error, the thicker the mortar is. The base layer is made of masonry mortar, and after the soft mortar is leveled, the putty can be fully applied.
To solve this kind of wall bottom, first look at the wall base. If the powder is severely removed, it must be cleaned. After washing with water, the putty can be scraped. If it is not serious, as long as the surface layer can be brushed with glue, it can be full of putty.
The correct choice of filler material is also a very important aspect to solve the cracking of putty powder. Flexible fillers include sepiolite powder, talc powder, mica powder, and wollastonite powder. These fillers increase flexibility and reduce cracking, which is the most effective way to reduce the production cost of putty and mortar. The more latex powder, the more resistant it is to cracking.
The formula is unreasonable. Generally, when designing the formula, it depends on the requirements of the project. Whether the requirement is the inner wall or the outer wall, rigidity or flexibility. Whether it is putty or thermal insulation mortar, there is a rule: strength and flexibility are inversely proportional, the greater the strength, the worse the flexibility, the more prone to cracking, the different strength and flexibility require different rubber powder, cellulose ether, you can change the cement. The performance of ash calcium powder increases flexibility and enhances crack resistance.


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