Application of dispersible polymer powder in different dry mortar products

Different dry powder mortar products have different performance requirements, and the dispersible polymer powder is required to provide suitable performance.

1 Dispersible polymer powder used in tile adhesive

Tile adhesive is a cement-based bonding material for bonding ceramic tiles. It is also called tile adhesive. It is one of the most important varieties in dry mortar. It is also the most commonly used bonding material in construction and decoration engineering. It can be used for bonding. Ceramic tiles, polished tiles, and natural stone such as granite. Tile adhesive bonding consists of aggregate, Portland cement, a small amount of slaked lime and functional additives added according to the quality requirements of the product.

The advantages of tile adhesive:

(1) Advanced technology. The tile adhesive is then mixed with water to form a paste-like adhesive, which is scraped with a serrated trowel to form a uniform thickness of the bonding layer, and then the ceramic tile is pushed into the bonding layer. The tile adhesive has good water retention properties, so the tile and substrate do not have to be pre-soaked or pre-wetted.

(2) Saving material usage. The adhesive layer, which is as thin as 1.5mm, can also produce enough adhesive force to greatly reduce the amount of material used.

(3) Guarantee the quality of the project. Strong bonding force, reduce delamination and shedding, ensure project quality, avoid hollowing and cracking problems after long-term use; reduce the chance of cracks and enhance the protection function of the wall. The tile adhesive of the dispersible polymer powder partially added with a water repellent agent also has the functions of wall anti-seepage and alkali prevention.

(4) Stable product quality. The factory is pre-dry powder mixed and the quality is stable. Mixing water at the construction site is convenient and simple, and the quality is easy to control.

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