Effect Of Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose in Gypsum Mortar

1、 Product features:

1. Improve gypsum based coating rate: compared with similar products, the coating rate is significantly increased.

2. Application field and addition amount: light bottom plastering gypsum, the recommended dosage is 2.5-3.5kg/t.

3. Excellent anti sagging performance: no sagging during single construction for thick layer hanging, no sagging when hanging for more than two times (more than 3cm), excellent plasticity.

4. Excellent workability: it is easy and smooth when hanging, and can be formed at one time with plasticity.

5. Excellent water retention: prolong the operation time of gypsum base, improve the weather resistance of gypsum base, increase the bonding strength between gypsum base and base course, excellent wet bonding performance and reduce floor ash.

6. Strong compatibility: suitable for all kinds of gypsum base, reduce the sedimentation time of gypsum, reduce the drying shrinkage, and the wall is not easy to hollowing and cracking.

2、 Application experiment test:

1. Water retention rate test: refer to the standard plastering gypsum (GB / t28627-2012). The water retention rate of light bottom plastering gypsum is ≥ 60%. When gypsum based hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is added with 0.2% and 0.25%, it has excellent water retention performance.

2. Wall hanging test: when hanging, it is light and smooth, can be formed at one time, and the surface is fine and soft with brightness.

3. Anti sagging test: no sagging during single pass construction when hanging thick layer, no sagging when hanging more than twice (more than 3cm), excellent plasticity.

4. Strength test: after test,  gypsum based hydroxypropyl methylcellulose has excellent tensile bonding strength and compressive strength.

5. Coating rate test: gypsum based coating rate refers to the result obtained by measuring gypsum based wet bulk density conversion. One ton of gypsum based products can be used to construct 10mm thick wall area. The use of gypsum based hydroxypropyl methylcellulose products can greatly improve the coating rate, hang more area, reduce labor intensity, save materials and improve economic benefits.


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