Two Dissolving Types of HPMC

Two Dissolving Types of HPMC

Process difference between instant (cold) and slow (hot) hydroxypropyl methylcellulose:

Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose HPMC cold water fast-dissolving type:

It’s surface-treated with glyoxal and is quickly dispersed in cold water, but it’s not really soluble in viscosity.

When it comes, the aqueous solution becomes clear and transparent, which is the true dissolution.

The viscosity of the liquid gradually increases, forming a transparent, viscous colloid.

Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose HPMC hot-melt type (slow-melt type):

Without glyoxal surface treatment. A large amount of glyoxal disperses quickly, but the viscosity comes up.

It’s slow, the volume is small, but the opposite. Hot melt type, clumping with cold water, but can quickly disperse in hot water, disappear in hot water, and wait for the temperature to drop to a certain temperature (produced by our company).

The product temp is 58-65 ℃ and the viscosity slowly appears until a transparent viscous colloid is formed.

The reason for encountering cold water clumps is that the cellulose powder outside is sticky when it encounters cold water It’s thickened into a transparent colloid and the cellulose inside is surrounded by the colloid without contacting the water. It’s still powdery, but it will slowly melt away.

It’s not necessary to use hot water in practical applications, because the putty powder or mortar is a solid powder. After dry mixing, the cellulose is separated by other materials. When it encounters water, it immediately sticks.It will not hug. Hot melt type can only be used in putty powder and mortar. In liquid glues and coatings, agglomeration will occur and cannot be used. Instant type, with a wider range of applications,

It can be used in putty powder and mortar, as well as in liquid glues and coatings. There is no contraindication. However, its water retention and stability are inferior to those of hot-melt products. For dry powders such as mortar and mortar, we recommend hot melt products.

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