How to choose HPMC for tile adhesive

1. Choose hydroxypropyl methylcellulose based on characteristic of Substrate

Substrates can be roughly divided into rigid and flexible substrates, concrete, brick masonry, masonry mortar and cement mortar belonging to the rigid substrates, while cement-fibre board, gypsum board, plywood and external thermal insulation systems belong to the flexible substrates.

When choosing the tile glue, special attention needs to be paid to the absorbency and size of the tile. The lower the absorption rate of the tile means the denser the tile, requiring the selection of a tile adhesive with a better suction action, a higher grade of tile adhesive.

2. Choose hydroxypropyl cellulose for tile adhesive based on different usage scenarios and tiling areas.

For the transition between dry and wet areas, in addition to the bond, but also requires tile adhesives to be able to waterproof impermeable.

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