The mechanism of action of redispersing adhesive powder(RDP&VAE)

The polymer emulsion is prepared into a mixture that can be used for spray drying by adding different additives, and the addition of protective colloid and anti-blocking agent enables the polymer to form a free flowing powder that can redisperse in water after spray drying.

Can disperse latex powder is distributed in mixing evenly dry mortar, mortar after water mixing polymer powder dispersed into the new slurry and emulsified again:

Due to the hydration of cement, surface evaporation and / or base absorption of the mortar pores free water consumption, and the strong alkaline environment provided by cement.

Make the latex particles after drying in the mortar form water insoluble continuous film, the continuous film is formed by a single dispersed particles in the emulsion into the homogenization.

It is the existence of these latex films distributed in the polymer modified mortar that makes the polymer modified mortar obtain the characteristics that the rigid cement mortar cannot have:

Because the latex film has self-stretching mechanism, can be applied to the base or mortar anchor, at the polymer modified mortar and base interface, this effect can improve the bonding performance of mortar and different base.

Such as high mass density tile and polystyrene plate special base bonding force: in the inside of mortar can be maintained as a whole, in other words, the cohesive strength of mortar, with the increase of adhesive powder mixing, the bonding strength of mortar and concrete base is significantly improved.


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