What properties of mortar can be improved by redispersible latex powder?

What properties of mortar can be improved by redispersible latex powder?

1. Improve the impact resistance, performance and wear resistance of mortar

The mortar is filled with cement mortar pores, the compactness of the cement mortar is improved, and the wear resistance is improved. Under the action of external force, it can cause relaxation without being destroyed. Polymer paper can be stored in the cement mortar management system.

2. Improve the adhesion of mortar construction

The polymer powder particles have a wetting effect, so that the two components of the cement mortar can flow independently. In addition, the rubber powder has the effect of inducing gas.

3. Improve the adhesive compressive strength and adhesive force of mortar

As an organic chemical adhesive, redispersible latex powder can produce higher compressive strength and compressive strength on different boards. It plays a very important role in the bonding of cement mortar and organic chemical raw materials (stomach, extruded insulating foam board) and clean board surface. DEM raw materials and dehairing polymer powder are widely used in all cement mortar management systems to improve the cohesion of cement mortar

4. Improve mortar anti-aging, anti-freeze-thaw cycle, prevent cement mortar from cracking

Redispersible latex powder is a thermoplastic resin with good flexibility, which can make the mortar deal with the damage caused by the external heat and cold environment, and reasonably avoid the mortar from cracking due to temperature differences.

5. Increase the hydrophobicity of the mortar and reduce the moisture content

The redispersible latex powder breaks the emulsion in the cement mortar cavity and the surface layer, and the polymer paper is not easy to redisperse after water treatment, which prevents water intrusion and improves the impermeability. This water-repellent glass wool has a better effect due to its unique ability to disperse natural latex powder.

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