Teach you to judge HPMC authenticity

Teach you to judge HPMC authenticity

At present, the quality and price of domestic hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose are uneven, making it difficult for customers to make the right choice. Some manufacturers add a large number of other ingredients, the only purpose is to reduce the cost, resulting in the product water retention, adhesion and other performance significantly reduced, resulting in a lot of building quality problems.

Pure and adulterated products have the following differences:
1. Pure products should not have ammonia, starch, or alcohol taste; Adulterers tend to smell everything. Even if they are tasteless, they feel heavy.

2. Pure powder is fibrous under the microscope or magnifying glass; Adulterated granular solids or crystals can be observed under a microscope or magnifying glass.

3. Pure visual state fluffy, small bulk density, range of 0.3-0.4g/mL; Adulterated products have good liquidity, heavy hand feel, and the appearance of genuine products have obvious differences.

4. Purified water solution is clear and transparent, has high light transmittance, and water retention rate ≥97%; Adulterated aqueous solution is turbid and water retention rate is difficult to reach 80%.

Teach you to judge HPMC authenticity

200,000 is an impassable height
A number of domestic experts and scholars published papers said that the production of HPMC by domestic equipment safety and sealing, slurry process and low-pressure production restrictions, general enterprises can not produce viscosity in more than 200,000 products.

The key to improving its viscosity is the high sealing performance of the reactor, high-pressure reaction and high-quality raw material. High sealing performance prevents cellulose from being degraded by oxygen. The high-pressure reaction conditions promote the etherifying agent to penetrate into the cellulose and ensure the uniformity of the product.

200000cps hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose basic indicators:

● Product purity ≥98%

● 2% aqueous solution viscosity 200000cps

● Methoxyl content 19-24%

● Hydroxypropoxy content: 4-12%

200000CPS features:
1. Delay cement hydration heat release, delay setting time, and control cement mortar operation time.

2. Improve the water consistency of pumping mortar, improve rheology, and prevent segregation and bleeding.

3. Excellent water retention and thickening performance, to ensure complete hydration of slurry.

4. High bonding strength, air-entraining effect is remarkable, can effectively inhibit shrinkage and cracking.

5. Special products, for the summer high-temperature construction environment, to ensure that the slurry is highly hydrated, not stratified.

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